Submission Guidelines


What are we looking for?

We are looking for uplifting stories that are full of imagination. We are looking for inspiring narratives that have a poignant message or moral, but not obviously so. Like many childhood fables or Pixar movies, we’re looking for imaginative tales that carry a subversive theme which readers will be able to comprehend at the end of the story.  



The themes we want to highlight are:

Love / Relationships
Honesty / Integrity
Courage / Bravery
Forgiveness / Acceptance
Endurance / Perseverance
Sacrifice / Selflessness
Wisdom / Knowledge
Creativity / Innovativeness
Hopes / Dreams


Target Audience

Our goal with The Dream Press Quarterly is to build a community of storytellers who have a strong desire to work towards creating a familial and supportive environment for local writers and illustrators. The target audience of our quarterly is The Dream Press community itself. We are looking for stories by our members that are also for our members.

We are not so concerned with finding “children’s stories” as we are with finding stories that children appreciate. The distinction is subtle, but important. The former implies that the story is written for children and no one else, whereas the latter allows children the same accessibility to any given story as it does adults. Fairy tales, fables, and other make believe stories have been relegated to children largely because adults have deemed them “unfashionable” according to CS Lewis. The Dream Press Quarterly seeks to revalue such stories for a diverse audience. We aim to publish stories that enlighten the mind, open the heart, and invigorate the imagination of readers, young and old.


After Submission

When you submit your story application, our editing team will be notified. They will make publishing decisions based on quality, theme, and publication needs for the current issue of the quarterly.

Once selections for each issue are made, we will contact you via email about whether or not your piece has been selected. The pieces for that quarterly will then be worked through a group critiquing and editing process, before being printed.