Submission Guidelines

Please include:

                  Name (address and contact information?)


                  Brief biological note 

                  Word Count 

          Multiple submissions may be sent in for subsequent Quarterly issues 

          Pieces should be about 1500 words or less 

          List Target Audience? Children, families, etc 


We are looking for books that are artfully crafted and uplifting to our audience. Like many childhood fables or Pixar movies, we are looking for local stories that have a poignant message or moral. These do not need to be obvious, but instead a subversive theme that readers will be able to comprehend by the end of the story. 

    Some of the morals we want the Dream Press Quarterly to highlight are:



                Honesty / Integrity  

                Courage / Bravery


                Forgiveness / Acceptance  

                Endurance / Perseverance 

                Wisdom / Knowledge 

                Any others we want to add


Once we have made selections for each Dream Press Quarterly issue we will contact you via email about whether or not your piece has been selected. Our goal with the Dream Press Quarterly is to build a community of storytellers who have a strong desire to work towards creating a familial and supportive environment for local writers and illustrators. 

Once selections have been made, the pieces for that quarterly will be worked through a group critiquing and editing process, before being printed.